Richard Bartlett

Highbanks, Rhodyate
Blagdon, BS40 7TP

T: 01761 462 483

I joined the Parish Council in 2003 and I am one of the longest serving Councillors. I am actively involved in all aspects of Council business, but particularly in a number of areas where I can best apply my experience and knowledge.

  • I am a member of the Planning Group and therefore review all residential applications within the village
  • I have also joined the Finance Group to make sure that we spend your money wisely and where it can be put to best use. At a time when budgets are being squeezed, we too have to work more efficiently, and it is vital that our financial processes are effective.

I am passionate about the maintenance and repair of the villages’ roads and gullies and am constantly at loggerheads with officers of North Somerset Council Highways department trying to get improvements for the parish.

I meet some of you at Parish Council Surgeries, in the street, or in the course of carrying out my duties. Please feel free to raise questions and issues with me. I will try and deal with those directly where they are within my remit, or will pass them on to fellow Councillors or the Clerk as necessary.