Phil Smith

Waterdene, High Streetphil-smith
Blagdon, BS40 7TQ

T: 01761 462 508
M: 07775 551 292

I joined the parish council in May 1999 and am currently the Chairman of the council as well as working on the Finance Group, Quality Group, Allotments & Cemetery Group. I am the Blagdon Representative on Parish Council’s Airport Association and am responsible for Community Liaison.

I have held the role as Chairman for a number of years, serving as Vice Chair before that and actively assist other councillors and the clerk in developing the way the Council operates and serves the local community. Over recent years Central Government has looked to give councils like Blagdon more direct responsibility for certain local matters, although this appears to be only slowly happening and we have not achieved a decision making responsibility in certain planning matters, rather than the ‘Comment Only’ role we now have. I lead on issues relating to the most recently devolved services – the Village Car Park and Public Toilets.

I have lived in Blagdon for over 25 years, this time, having previously moved from here to London for a few years and back again having soon decided that commuting was not for me! Married to Tina with two grown up children I am retired from full time working after over 40 years in banking, mostly within the South West and Wales Region. I still undertake some part time work that ranges from the assessment of securitised debt for banks, parish council auditing and exam invigilating for Chew Valley School. Tina and I have always been active in village life. I have previously been Treasurer for St Andrews PCC and Blagdon Community Association and currently support Tina in her many involvements in local and charitable organisations, particularly Weston Hospicecare.

I am passionate about maintaining those aspects of a strong and caring village community that make Blagdon a wonderful place to live and work.  At the same time I support change that brings benefits to the majority.  As funding from Central Government remains tightly controlled all Councils face more difficult years as support funding continues to significantly reduce. This may leave your Council with difficult decisions to make and although consultation will always be undertaken some changes will not always be looked on favourably.  Whatever happens I will look to achieve the best that we can out of the changes to come.