Ian Pratt

Westerly, Rhodyate                                                 
Blagdon, BS40 7TR

T: 01761 462523

I have lived and/or worked in the village since 1971 attending both Blagdon and Churchill Schools before qualifying as a Chartered Accountant.

I run my accountancy practice in the village supplying accounting, finance and taxation advice to a wide variety of local businesses and individuals. I was finance governor at the primary school for a couple of years and am now a member of the parish council finance group.

I am keenly interested in the countryside, rural affairs, wild food foraging and shooting and having been a member of Blagdon Valley Gun Club since 1987 am currently club chairman.

I believe that what is best in this village are those things we do for ourselves. From the many businesses, clubs, societies, charitable events, fetes and the like and I feel the role of the Parish Council should be as facilitator. Helping to create an atmosphere within which initiatives and ideas flourish.

There is also an administrative role but I feel that should be as ‘light touch’ as possible.