Glen Hooper

7 The Old Water Gardens, Church Street,glen-hooper
Blagdon, BS40 7SN

T: 01761 462 179

I joined the parish council in May 2011 and have become involved in most aspects of the parish council’s work. I am a member of the Maintenance Group, Allotments & Cemetery Group and take a leading role on the upkeep and safety of the Children’s Play Area.

I have lived in Blagdon for 37 years, attending the local school and growing up within the community. I am one of the younger members of the council and still work full-time. My company, Glen Hooper Tree Care is based in Blagdon and provides a tree surgery and forestry contracting within the immediate locality.

My wife and I have recently become parents to our lovely daughter, Hariette. My focus is to ensure that she grows up in a close knit community, as I did, and develops a bond with the village that rarely leaves us Blagdonians!

I meet some of you at Parish Council Surgeries, in the street, or in the course of carrying out my duties. Please feel free to raise questions and issues with me. I will try and deal with those directly where they are within my remit, or will pass them on to fellow Councillors or the Clerk as necessary.