Who to contact

The Parish Council

If you have an issue or need information we will do our best to help but may have to refer you to the unitary authority if it is their area of responsibility.

There are four options

  • Contact a parish councillor – talk to a particular councillor
  • Contact about a specific issue – find the councillor with that area of responsibility
  • Not sure? – Contact the clerk to find out who would be best to talk to or use the contact form

North Somerset Council

North Somerset Council is our unitary authority and has responsibility in following areas and services:

  • Highways, roads and street maintenance
  • Schools and education
  • Social services and community care
  • Parks and open spaces
  • Community safety and involvement
  • Housing and Council Tax benefits
  • Leisure centres and libraries
  • Tourism
  • Economic development and business support
  • Trading Standards
  • Births, deaths marriages and life events
  • Environmental protection and licensing
  • Recycling and waste collections
  • Planning and development control
  • Local land charges
  • Applying for housing
  • Elections and electoral register

More information and contacts for these services can be found at

Useful sites

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