The Mead

In August 2010 the parish council took over the administration and responsibility for the playing fields from Blagdon Playing Fields Association, the charity which had managed the Mead for the previous 30 years. The playing of regular football and rugby matches ceased a few years before due primarily to lack of ‘on-site’ facilities.

The parish council has a long-term lease for the Mead from the Coombe Lodge and Langford Court Estate and includes the playing fields in the grounds maintenance and grass cutting contract. In 2011 an additional footpath was created on the east side. In 2013 the parish council acquired ownership of the public toilets from North Somerset Council and in 2014 replaced the boundary fences.

The area is provided as a village recreational facility to the benefit of all. Primarily now used for family activities with organised sports and events requiring advanced permission of the parish council.  A small part of the Mead is given over to a children’s play area. There is also a hard surface tennis court, run and managed by Blagdon Tennis Club. The exercising of animals is restricted and dogs must be kept on leads at all times to minimise the health and safety risk for people using the Mead

If you have any queries please contact the clerk